About US

Hello my name is Alan Pawlowski the owner of C&L Carpet Cleaning. I take pride in servicing Erie & Lorain counties. Areas of expertise include residential, commercial, and apartment cleaning.

C&L Carpet Cleaning was named after my two kids Colin and Lauren. Then the motto was born, "We put the C and L in "Clean".

I started carpet cleaning in 1994 when I was not satisfied with the services I was hiring out to clean my own rental properties. I then started cleaning my own and migrated to empty rentals for other property owners. In 2009, during the economic down turn I was downsized from a major corporation and decided to create C&L Carpet Cleaning. We provide professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout, with 24 hour emergency response.



Serving the Northern Ohio and surronding areas of Lorain, Erie, and Sandusky Counties.


When I came in to the station this morning I couldn't believe the difference. You do a great job! You worked a mircacle on the gum or glue spot in front of the WOBL studio door. I meant to have Lorie ask you to see what you could do with that specifically & I forgot. But of course you took care of it anyway.

Doug Wilber
WOBL Radio, Inc.