Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets act as a trap capturing dust, soil, pollen, dander, food particles and a host of other contaminants. Abrasive particles can wear away at your valuable carpeting. Left unchecked, they can become serious allergen traps, and have huge effects on the aesthetics of your home.

At C&L Carpet Cleaning, we understand how important your carpets are to you. We are dedicated to providing home owners with quality cleaning that they deserve for a price they can afford. We use only the best equipment and most up-to-date techniques to clean carpets, and our technicians have a wealth of experience.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Using a professional carpet cleaning service provides homeowners with benefits that DIY carpet cleaning cannot. For example, if you use a professional carpet cleaning service, the equipment used to clean your carpets will be stronger than the rental equipment. A professional service should vacuum with a cleaner that is far stronger to any vacuum designed for residential use. The professional carpet cleaning service will then use a cleaning machine that can provide a deeper clean than a rental unit.

Another advantage of professional carpet cleaning is that the professionals know exactly which detergents to use. Different types of carpet fibers require different types of detergents. Using the wrong type of detergent can damage the carpet fibers and result in color distortion. A professional carpet cleaning service will also know exactly how much detergent to use and how to remove all of that detergent from the carpet. Detergent left in the carpet after cleaning will attract dirt like a magnet. This is why so many people complain that the DIY rental unit didn’t actually clean their carpet. Dirt is drawn to the detergent and the carpets look dirty again within weeks of the original cleaning.

A carpet cleaning professional will also ensure that your carpets are not over saturated during the cleaning process. If too much water is applied to the carpet during cleaning, it could penetrate to the carpet backing and pad underneath the carpet. If these areas get too wet during the cleaning process, mold or mildew could grow in your carpet.

To discuss your carpet cleaning needs with one of our experienced Ohio residential carpet cleaning technicians, contact us today at (440) 963-2020.



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