Stain Removal

First and foremost, for any stain type, act quickly. The longer a spot sits on your carpet or upholstery, the harder it becomes to remove. While most stains can be removed, some require advanced technical skill and expert cleaning solutions.

No matter what the stain, we have a solution. If you have a stain that others have failed to remove, send it to us. Hidden stains, like perspiration, champagne, or sugar-based, will yellow with age if not properly removed.

Successful stain removal depends on fabric, type of stain and the age of the stain. Our expert training, along with special chemicals and equipment, insures the safest methods for proper stain removal.

When to Call the Professionals

Unfortunately, if the carpet has been subjected to very heavy staining or there are large areas of staining or repeated staining, then it may be time to resort to professional cleaning. Steam cleaning is the most popular method and is a good way to remove dirt and detergent build-up from carpets. Many places will offer you hire machinery for steam cleaning but it is often easier (and not much more expensive) to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to take over the task.

To discuss your carpet cleaning needs with one of our experienced Ohio carpet stain removal technicians, contact us today at (440) 963-2020.



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When I came in to the station this morning I couldn't believe the difference. You do a great job! You worked a mircacle on the gum or glue spot in front of the WOBL studio door. I meant to have Lorie ask you to see what you could do with that specifically & I forgot. But of course you took care of it anyway.

Doug Wilber
WOBL Radio, Inc.